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Regional History Center Staff : 

IMG_6840Elaine Carr,  RHC Digital Collections, Cataloging, and Oral Histories                  (435) 789-6276

Michelle Fuller, Publications, Permissions to Publish, General Questions (435) 789-6275

Ellen Kiever, Cemeteries, Oral Histories, Digital Collections (435) 789-6277

Linda Wilson,  Maps, County Records, Oral Histories, Historic Preservation Board      (435) 789-6278

Library Director:

Sam Passey (435)789-6262

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  1. Douglas Hatch says:

    Looking for any picture of Ezma Tess Hatch Siddoway, more likely just went by Tess.

    • Hi Douglas,

      We do have three photos with Ezma Tess Hatch in them. You can view these images online through our website through our photo collection. The id#’s are 2108SC, 2135SC, 2138SC. If you would like any of these we can get a copy from the original and send through email,us mail, paper copy or on a cd. Or you can print from your home computer but it won’t be quality and will have metadata attached to it. We would just have to collect shipping and cd cost prior. Just let me know how I can help.

      Michelle Fuller

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